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    Cincinnati Arrow 1000 CNC, 3-Axis

    Vertical Machining Center

    Vertical milling machining center Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 1000. Manufactured by CINCINNATI USA with Acramatic control system, is a quick-spindle (6,000 rpm) high-precision center. Suitable for processing any parts requiring high-speed processing. Easy to maintain and energy-intensive.

    Qty -2       X= 1000       Y= 510    Z= 560

    Sunmill JHV-850

    Vertical Machining Center

    The center with a Fanuc 0i-MD CNC system, color graphic display is exceptionally reliable. The machine uses increased rigidity guides. This ensures high reliability and accuracy of the machine movements. Guide rolling is standard equipment. The tool store is executed on 16 positions. It is possible to install the 4th axis, and, accordingly, the possibility of 4-axis machining. On the table of the machining center, both a vertical rotary table (4th axis) and a rotary-inclined axis (4th and 5th axis) can be installed. An inclined-turntable is installed. The table adds 2 more to the standard 3 axes. Fast movement on axes. High-speed - 8000 rpm.

    Qty -1       X=   850       Y= 550    Z= 580

    Goodway – FIRST SERIES

    Vertical Machining Center

    High-tech turning center with a vertical and sliding head. Modern control system from Fanuc. Double spindle, double tower, multi-axis configuration. Tool bar with 32 tools. Vertical stroke of the head up to 1000 mm, stroke along the X -1100 mm axis. Up to 25 kW of spindle power. The newest, multifunctional and high-precision machine.

    Qty -1      X= 1100        Y= 500    Z= 510


    Vertical Machining Center

    Haas Mini Mills are the industry standard for compact machining centers. They are perfect for provide an economical solution for small parts machining in a compact environment.

    Qty -1       X=   400       Y= 300    Z= 250

    BROTHER TC-217

    Vertical Machining Center

    Brother is a multi-spindle centrifugal machine tool with CNC. Tapping Center is a CNC machine used to process parts in every industrial area with high speed, high precision and high productivity. The development of Tapping Centers allowed to milling and thinly boring in addition to tapping, achieving high productivity, improved machining capabilities and greater reliability.

    Qty -1      X=   400       Y= 300    Z= 250