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    List of parts and accessories for military and civil industry

    1. Details for AK:

    • All details of the shock-trigger mechanism: trigger, hammer, buzzer, automatic trigger.
    • Details for composite, stamped and milling boxes: front insert, guide, rear insert, milling box body.
    • The return mechanism.

    • Mechanical sights.
    • Gas chamber.
    • Details of the shutter that are not subject to control – ejector, wire.

    2. Details for PK – similar, as for AK.

    3. Details for HGL-13 (RPG-7V):

    • All components of the body.

    4. Details and accessories for optics:

    • Shells.
    • Eyepiece covers.
    • Supports for fastening to arms.

    5. Details for 120 and 82 mm mortars:

    • Device for recharging prevention.
    • Parts for the shutter and impactor.
    • Flanges for the body.

    6. All kinds of details for hydraulic cylinder.

    7. All kinds of details for hydraulic pumps and motors.

    Company has resources for the production of other types of machine-building products for customers, including non-standard equipment and munitions.

    Company does not have resources to produce stamped and other sheet metal products.