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    About company

    DIDA 70 was founded in 1990 as a company for the production of parts for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic products. The company began its cooperation with customers from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Since 1996, we have started the production of hydraulic hand pumps and hydraulic valves. After 2000, we also started the production of components for hydraulic motors.

    Currently, DIDA 70 is engaged in the manufacture of products for mechanical engineering and hydraulics. The company produces parts of hydraulic motor, hand hydraulic pumps in general, parts and purposes of units for machines in the food and automotive industry, as well as parts for aviation. Our end products are: hydraulic hand pumps, hydraulic valves and high-pressure cylinders (700 bar), which can be used as jacks. In total, the company’s machinery fleet consists of 18 metalworking machines, including 6 processing centers.

    Over the years, the company has created image of a serious and reliable partner in fulfilling orders. Main customers of the company are M + S Hydraulic Plc. (Kazanlak, Bulgaria), HEESS GmbH & Co.KG (Germany), Heat Tech Induction GmbH (Germany), MBS Hydraulik GmbH (Germany), HYCON A / S (Denmark), Nitro Ltd., Armoury JSC, Aviamash Ltd.. The company also cooperates with clients from Spain, France and Bulgaria.




    Control quality of products, produced by the most pricy methods and tools.